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***We will pick one Spyder ETF from this list as to what we consider our best ETF opportunity, based on Ace's proprietary stock trading system:


We will also consider iShares TLT or EEM when we believe either one of these are the most appropriate market buys. In extremely bearish markets, we will occasionally suggest Money Markets as the place to park cash until conditions improve. 

Disclaimer: Our analysis is purely educational and illustrative in example. We do NOT offer trading or investment advice. Please, always consult a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or licensed StockBroker before investing .

THE ACE STOCK TRADING SYSTEM IS NOT YET AVAILABLE. OUR COURSE IS STILL BEING DESIGNED. PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER. Meanwhile, be sure to visit our active Trader's Forum: Talking Stocks.  You can also follow Ace on his Stocktwits and Twitter links. Be sure to keep up with markets and trading analysis on Ace's blog. 

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(Update  9/7/2019):

 One to Two Weeks:  Confirmed Uptrend

Longer Term: Expect Volatility

Single best Spyder or I-Shares ETF now***:       

XLK (Spyder Technology)